Bought the album and was instantly hooked, I feel the best albums are White Pony, Koi no Yokan & Diamond Eyes (In that order) if they keep churning albums like Koi no yokan out I personally will be a very happy person, THIS BAND ARE AMAZING IF YOU LIKE HEAVY ROCK DONE IN A DIFFERENT WAY WITH A NICE ELECTRONIC TWIST, CHINOS VOICE IS HAUNTING BUT POWERFUL! To my mind, perfect song can be called such when: lyrics mean SOMETHING not just set of words, melody is unique and can be easily recognized from the first seconds, vocalist is able to express all the emotions, and finally, each instrument complements the other in order to create a coherent sound and you don't even think that it would be better if there was one more rhythm guitar or whatever. Notice this bands hasn't failed with an album after Waking the Fallen and that their fans never come out and say that they've gotten worse, its only positive feed back for these guys from their fans. One of the most talented rock bands of the 90s and 2000s. System of a Down is one of the most lyrically eclectic bands of this generation. Kid A is on the 00's so this is tough...Id say My Chemical Romance goes on second, then radiohead #3 (if ok computer where made on this decade there would be no reason to discuss for a number one). Coldplay, along with Muse and Radiohead, have been one of the few bands to successfully re-invent themselves on every album. The 50 Best Rock Albums Of The 2000 s. Will Deftones chart higher than Paramore? There are some songs that when they play I just break down on. New York City Cops, "Take It Or Leave It" and "Alone, Together" are perfect tunes to rock out with, while a special mention goes to "Trying Your Luck" as the song slows everything down after so much energy and brings out a more softer, sensitive side to their ...more, Rise Against placed 12th! Rated R and Songs for the Deaf are some of the best rock albums of the past two decades, and they've released some of the most badass rock singles of all time Like No One Knows, Make it Wit Chu, The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, need I go on? Their music appeals to everyone: they've got some heavier songs, some softer songs but mostly bad ass rock songs.To everyone that doesn't agree: Foo Off! This band is the last rock band to actually kick ass and stick it to the government. Taking a cue from ‘90s groups like Filter, Chevelle makes radio-rock that focuses on metallic, angsty riffs. Whether it's a band that got its start in the early ’80s or it a younger group that finally found fame in 2009, the top 20 rock songs of the 2000s list has room for artists of all shapes and sizes. Top 10 Best Rock Bands of the 2000s. Their real life stories are the most inspiring of all. They personify the soul of alternative rock. They are amazing live with tight sets and Homme's voice only improves in the flesh compared to a studio recording. Hopefully they continue to make amazing music for awhile! They're the best. Linkin Park has one major goal. Will Tool make the Top 10? I was instantly drawn to their music and it happened for no real reason, it just connected me. They changed the pop-punk sound for good. At the time Adrenaline was 1st released I had never heard of the band, thank god that by chance I listened to 'Bored' on the radio! Like right now. Ben's voice is just INCREDIBLE! If you think System of a Down is only known as those guys that made Chop Suey, listen to B.Y.O.B, Toxicity, Aerials, Holy Mountains, ATWA. Which are the Pink Floyd of our era. Number 14 for a band that completely revolutionized British Rock and Garage music in general is ridiculous. I've been involved with Foo fighters ever since they started, I picked up their first album and I was incredibly amazed by it. It was through that experience that they touched so many lives and got through to so many people. They can do it all. Linkin Park is probably the only surging band from the new metal era who are still just as famous as they we're when they debut hybrid theory in 2000. A two piece band that is completely unique. Frontman Brandon Boyd gets trippy in the lyrics, counting UFOs on the beach while savoring a few moments of unadulterated happiness. And thryve written the best ballet I've ever heard: Hero of war. “Blue Orchid” is still a very simple song, but the guitar sounds like it’s being played through an amplifier that’s short-circuiting. Once they released One by One, I was amazed by their sudden progress and that became quite a favorite to me. 2009 Revisited: Country. While legacy acts from the '70s and '80s and '90s all continued to … The mark of a great band is how many people can manage to copy their sound. Jazz of this century's first decade. My favorite album as of so far is definitely Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace, with Wasting Light close behind. Also, they are (again in my opinion) one of the only bands if not, THE only band out there that actually sounds better live than they do on the albums they put out. The drumming is very well done and put together and the bass is strong when it needs to be. Hard rock and heavy metal in the 21st century is the most diverse of any decade. Maybe you heard their songs, call them gay, whatever... You just don't know the meaning of their songs. They explore and stretch the boundaries of progressive metal. My personal favorite for many reasons. When I listen to We the Kings my breath is taken away, it's mind-blowing and never do I feel as if this song is one of their lower quality music. All of the bands on this list have had their share of great albums and songs that will be remembered for years to come. Songs were featured on major motion pictures for years. With the minimalist drumming by meg white and the red, white, black color scheme they are the most unique thing around! 21 guns 4. A while later I got into their earlier songs and was stunned by how good they were, and then I learned about Grohl's connections with Nirvana, and I fell in love. I like every single one of the albums all the way from their screaming metal core Sounding the Seventh Trumpet days to their latest album Hail to The King (Waking The Fallen is my favorite though). By far the best band on this list. A slack in the face from you to U2 - how DARE YOU insult the greatest band in the history of the world. I wish more listeners knew how to dissect this bands music and understand the level of difficulty and creativity in writing ALL of their songs, not just the radio hits. Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge make the perfect vocal pair for over-all skating music and create catchy music overnight. They r so cool. This may be one of the most euphoric songs ever recorded about the futility of young people’s dreams – or, put another way, it’s a wiser, sadder, funnier “Born to Run” for a new era. No song on this list will probably cause as much disagreement as “How You Remind Me.” This Nickelback smash was everywhere in the fall of 2001, and, yes, its success merely paved the way for this mediocre band’s path to superstardom. Click the red rock chart peak to find the chart where the song peaked. Other notable bands include: arctic monkeys, the strokes. Oh great, here comes another KISS" but when Corey Taylor started singing, everyone including me was like, " oh yeah! This is not fair to band that was able to bring punk rock to a mainstream appeal, and rock out the same Milton Keynes stadium that David Bowie and Metallica played. I knew Grohl was funny from the videos but he showed it when he performed, and he put up a great show even though his leg was broken. Raw Power, fantastic riffs and hard jams. Their quality in the 2000's is nothing like their music in the 90's. Bands like Travis, Oasis, Keane, Kings of Leon, Kasabian, Incubus should follow up closely well. Not to mention Travis Barkers amazing drumming thrown into the mix. In my opinion one of the greatest bands of the past 20 years. A Complete List the 2000s 20 Best Rock Songs. Categories: 2000s [List235303] | | +12 | Log in to suggest an addition. One of the proofs is that green day has won a grammy and linkin park has'nt. I can't believe they are so low in this ranking, they are by far the most talented band of the new century and Funeral is one of the greatest albums ever made. Some top songs: First Date, What's My Age Again? My favorite album ever! I was shocked to see them ranked this low, I thought they would definitely be in the top 5. Adam's voice is really deep and the guitars are great... You literally feel the music in your heart and many bands today are not able to do that. They were the EMO kids at class but look at them all now...They won't be called the saviour of the broken for nothing, I'm an avid fan of any genre of rock songs, be it old or new, fast or slow, but My Chemical Romance songs has something other songs don't have. I think in 30 years they will be one of the 2000's idol bands. Should be in the top 3. They have some of the most iconic of that decade and even though they are pop like today, even the new can be really good. Listen to Jonny's riffs! Oh my lord! They've been producing thoughtful and meaningful music for over twenty years now. They put out multiple albums, went on a hiatus, and got back together all within a few years. They have to be one of the top bands of the past 20 years hands down. If you haven't listened to them, you should. Also very few bands can say that they have had a musical made of their album. Linkin Park has the greatest music ever, and they are not afraid to experiment and change, they don't do it for the money, they do it because they love what they do. Their concerts are literally to die for, as they are one of the best live bands of all time! Nickelback at number 4 is ridiculous they are the worst band I could ever think of. They are THE (pronounced "the" to emphasize singularity) rock band. Simply put, Coldplay is one of the best Alternative Rock bands that has ever existed. These songs are so deep and meaningful, they literally touch my heart. That's great for some people, but the lack of diversity leads them to only appeal to a certain group.Three Days Grace has a similar problem.I have a hard time making any argument against the White Stripes. I've never seen such an extensive world tour for a rock band in this era. Boulevard of broken dreams 2. 150 Greatest Rock Songs of the 2000s (2000-2009) A list by SteelPeppers. Dom is pretty awesome on the drums. Oh, and to all the people that say that TDG is emo music.. Have you actually listened to some of their songs?Guys we need to get Three Days Grace higher up in this list, come on! The Top 10 Best Stone Temple Pilots Songs. Green Day is my inspiration for music and I absolutely love their music. Neither will the rest of your whiny little heroes (coughcough My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Rise Against, etc.). I love all 6 albums. They helped influence a lot of indie bands today. I wouldn't be here today, and when I meet them, I will tell them how much they changed my life for the better and made me a better person and I wanna thank them for saving my life. Some have colossal riffs and some are epic ballads, while others are just guilty pleasures you can't get out of your head. They became a gateway for me to learn more music. Okay maybe some on 99 but you get the point. 12th?! When White Stripes leader Jack White announced his Raconteurs side project, the obvious question was, “What will this new band sound like?” This first single provided the answer. The top mainstream rock artist of the decade was Nickelback , [2] who had the second biggest song on the Mainstream Rock chart during the 2000s with " How You Remind Me " and led all other artists with seven number ones during the decade. My Chemical Romance wouldn't even sound the way they do without these guys! “Psychosocial” is one of those rare instances when the music is as terrifying and anguished as the band’s persona. I believe they should be in the number one spot, not only for these reasons, but also for the fact that they paint the truth in the form of power chords and dark melodies. This awesome band should be also in 10. Jack white is #17 on the list of "100 best guitarists of all time"- rolling stone. Dave Grohl drumming plus Homme equals genius. They are glorious and timeless rock music. They have a style all of their own, and are not afraid to play as their souls desire. From the first weekly rock chart anywhere, find the top rock songs for 2000 or find another year from 1980 to 2014. We miss you Breaking Benjamin, come back! Yet they created the Untitled album, which rivaled that of the greatest stuff ever written. All of their music is either hard rock or funk rock, with little deviation.Muse is awesome, but their ...more. As U2 entered its third decade, it was more of a graceful, melodic band than a straight-up rock group. After having their own battles with addictions, death, and heartache, the band was able to rise from their own ashes and share that with the fans. They aren't the most well known, but damn are they incredible. Wouldn't even be here if it weren't for the white stripes. Most emotional band in the world. They have sick guitar hooks and Matthew Bellamy's vocals can be spectacular if he feels like it.2. Nothing on the bands above them, but you just can't beat these guys!When I say you haven't listened to them, I mean you need to listen to a song besides Diary of Jane, it's an amazing song, but they have a load of other AMAZING songs! It doesn't matter how many Grammys or VMAs they win. Take off your pants and jacket was a pop-punk anthem for the early 2000's. I love slipknot! Dave Grohl, the nicest guy on earth and ex-drummer of Nirvana. Arguably the best album of the 2000's. Millennial's unholy hymns. Definitaly beats all of these bands. I've never heard of anything quite like Radiohead. The record was ranked #2 in rolling stone's top 100 albums of the 2000's and it is definitely well deserved. They've got it.Me and a friend of mine were at a festival last year, and the Foo Fighters were the main act on the last day. Every part of him just bleeds talent and every band he's been in has been amazing. And the thing is, all of the variety is good. Linkin park & green day are my favorite bands but paramore is my heart's favorite. sorry for my English and my emotions). Are kidding me? Slipknot changed the way we look at metal, both musically AND visually! Not to mention, Joey Jordinson (formally), Chris Fehn, and Shawn "Clown" Crahan lead the band's percussion. The only ones who are still extremely successful any ways. Best Rock Bands of the 2000s The Top Ten 1 Green Day Green Day are an American pop punk, punk rock, and alternative rock band formed in East Bay, California in 1986. Benjamin has gone through so many hardships and lives through them, but for this band even today to have a new album that hits the radio stations for a bit AND ROCK IS NOT POPULAR ANYMORE is enough to say this band deserves a hot spot. “Use Somebody” is the album’s peak, an elegant and soulful mid-tempo song about being separated by geography from the one you love. I said tough because my chemical romance vs radiohead to put in second. It's funny cause many of the bands ranked above them in this list have probably been heavily influenced by the strokes and the Album Is This It in particular. To cut right to the chase, Rise Against is going down in history. To change the world for the better, one step at a time. No-one has even come close. The ending chorus is heartbreaking, soaring, scorching, and utterly empathetic, striking an elegiac tone while delivering a riveting conclusion. These guys have done it all! Bands these days aren't even rock any more they're all pop, and the lyrics aren't even poetical and smart. Insane drums. Coldplay is by far in the top three bands of the 2000s alongside Radiohead and Green Day. Like forever. I'm sure you'll smile when you saw him smile. “You Know You’re Right” was recorded a few months before his death, and the song contains all of Nirvana’s hallmarks – slow verse, loud chorus, powerful melody. Plus they sound brilliant live (near-perfect as their studio versions; Just see their performances at Wembley, Austin CL and Goat Island). Easily the best rock track, and song, of the decade - from the best rock album of arguably the 80's, 90's and 00's. Yes, Linkin Park is good, but not that good. Vote System of a Down to the top.- N.A.P. Deftones are awesome. Funny how so many of these bands sound exactly the same and yet somehow people are still able to rank them. A lot of these other bands are suspect and suck. Making nice lyrics, actually knowing how to play the guitar (very well too), and most importantly showing what music is all about. I think that their music has really brought a statement of individuality to our country and I hope that they will continue their music for long time. Can't believe they're this low down (24 at the time of this comment). I don't have the slightest doubt: Last Nite, Someday, Soma, Hard to Explain, Reptilia, You Only Live Once? As the 90's quickly faded from view, the new millennium left a lot of things uncertain for the hard rock world. Matt is indeed much better than I have expected. I would have Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Seether, Volbeat, avenge Sevenfold, Green day, simple plan, Slipknot, Blink 182 and Three Days Grace in my top 10. They are a great sounding hard rock band that has an incredible style which I've always loved. Just sit back and relax with radiohead on after a tiresome day. The self titled album showed a lot of the same abilities from City of Evil and somehow managed to duplicate City of Evil's greatness. Now, metal bands try to copy them, but nothing can beat the metal band slipknot! 100 of the best rock songs since the year 2000. I personally think Green Day is the best, however I would put U2 in the top 5 and voted for it simply because I can not understand how it is this low. They give me all the feels man and If you don't think so then I'm truly sorry for your loss. And some of their underrated songs such as; Lost in Hollywood, Radio/Video, Spiders, Revenga, Forest, Deer Dance. Needs to be higher. Ugh. Bring them higher or else the rock gods won't be pleased, I feel so horrible now, I ended up voting for My chemical Romance instead of Rise Against. Songs like seven nation army, blue orchid, we're going to be friends, icky thump, and fell in love with a girl are among the best rock songs of the past decade period. The last half of the previous century was ruled by rock music. Basket case 6. Rise Against delivers a sound that is always new and you won't know what expect except for the fact that it will please you. Jesus of suburbia 7. Many of the bands existing now were influences by The Strokes. Any suggestions will be considered. I was very familiar with the band Nirvana, so I knew that if it's going to be a band started by Dave Grohl, I had to at least stand by and be involved. ". This track is its emotional centerpiece – proof that a post-grunge band could on occasion reach the heights of its Seattle predecessors. But even then, he wishes he had a special someone to share the moment with, which gives the song a bittersweet aftertaste. They are true rockstars with their careless attitudes yet stunning live performances. One of the decade’s great riffs, “Check My Brain” reanimated ‘90s-style grunge for the new century. Their music can enhance any emotion you are feeling and Chino Moreno's voice is the personification of sex. Coldplay's "Yellow," awash in soft-focus romance and dreamy splendor, also served as a welcome break from the Korns and Limp Bizkits of the world. Every song is well-written and singable, which is why people like them so much. Breath, Until the End, I will not Bow, Give me a Sign, Dance with the Devil, Evil Angel, Dear Agony, etc. 2, Feeling This, I Miss You, Rock Show, Josie, Dammit, After Midnight, Wishing Well, Not Now, Violence, Adam's Song, Pretty Little Girl, Down, Always, I'm Lost Without You, Stay Together For The Kids, Man Overboard, Don't Tell Me It's Over. Play on Spotify Listen to Top 100 Rock Songs of 2000s by Billboard now. Their line up is extremely talented and their albums are just awesome (Lateralus being the best in the 21st century so far), Top 10 Tips to Being a Good Crewmate in Among Us, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases, Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises. I love them and will always love them. Its definitely special and awesome! As the ‘00s came to a close, a lot of rap-rock songs from earlier in the decade felt awfully dated. 30 seconds to mars? They can play slow songs with great melodies, allowing M. Shadows to show off a softer side to his voice, but he can also throw in these amazing screams. Foo fighters and RHCP need to move up the list a little, the foo fighters are amazing and the last of the Seattle sound that's left in modern rock. Taylor Hawkins is among the best drummers at the moment and though as a band they don't specialize in making crazy guitar solos or improvised playing, they still sound awesome. My Chemical Romance is an idea and can never die. And, as far as I remember, all the people I asked about TDG said that they at least have one song they listened to and they liked it! These are all My Chemical Romance's messages and ring just as true today as the day they were spoken. (My Chemical Romance... really? Of course, music is relative, but I can't think of any other band in the last 20 years whose body of work even comes close to theirs. The first decade of the new millennium proved to be a fruitful time for great progressive rock. If you havnt heard there music I recommend checking them out it might change your life and outlook on real artful music. Please. I have not been this excited about a band since The Beatles. Impeccable and actually improves as it goes on, which is pretty rare for modern music. Come on, people, This band is really worth being the best! They are beautiful! I just personally feel that Green Day deserves a more respectable fan basis. I just adore these guys. By the end of the decade, James Hetfield and the rest of the guys would return to their head-banging ways with the gargantuan "Death Magnetic," but “I Disappear” stands as a reminder that when Metallica wanted to set its sights on radio hits, it could do it quite well. The foo fighters at #2? In every decade ballads have kept evolving. So imagine everyone’s surprise when this piece of weird electro-rock came thundering out of this Detroit duo in 2005. Ok. I learned the entire album by heart. Amazing albums? Holiday 3. Music. Riding a bass line that borrowed from Joe Jackson’s “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” the Raconteurs pile on guitars and keyboards for a track that is more playful than the White Stripes but no less compelling. 1. The catchy lead guitar, played over the constant down strokes of the rhythmic guitar, supported by the delicate rhythm section is such an addictive sound. The list on this page is for all #1 hit Rock & Roll … Some people think they 'sold-out' on Mylo Xyloto to make money. They made music about real problems that could only come from personal experience. 3 on the Hot 100 and was a No. But they suffer from the same problem My Chemical Romance and TDG have.Red Hot Chili Peppers are awesome, but they lack some diversity. Incubus had bigger hits in the ‘00s, like the inescapable ballad “Drive,” but “Wish You Were Here” is their most dynamic tune. Too often, because of a few fan girls, they're made out to be some kind of boy band. I like linkin park and green day both but green day is far better. But the group’s ’00s output—2000’s All Hands On The Bad One , 2002’s One Beat , and 2005’s The Woods —merits close consideration all on its own. 2000s R&B. Still call them bad? Arctic Monkeys deserve much more praise then they get off of this list. I must say as a lyricist he is very underrated. With a lively, swinging beat backing her up, singer Corin Tucker is both coy and confrontational, accusing her competition of lacking the danger and sex appeal that once made rock ‘n’ roll great. Many of the bands higher up the list where better in the 90's in my opinion and I believe that in the 2000's they did not touch the Arctic Monkey's at all. What I mean is those songs are still good, but you know, My Chemical Romance's kind of music is on a different level.What made me listen to My Chemical Romance are their uniqueness. My first exposure to the Foo Fighters came in 2011 with Rope and the Wasting Light album. They have such cheerful, rocking and meaningful songs. U2 led the way with their soaring anthem "Beautiful Day." Surly Radiohead should be at the top of this list. At its best, Alice in Chains always sounds like it is up to its neck in misery and sonic muck, and the band’s brilliant comeback in 2009 was guaranteed with this song, which seemed like old times – in a good way. Green Day are my favourite band in the world, but Muse are a close second, and I have to admit that they are a much better band in terms of lyrical quality and diversity. The 20 Best Indie Rock Albums of 1995 By Garrett Martin December 28, 2020 The 30 Best New Artists of 2020 By Paste Staff December 29, 2020 The 15 Best Pop Albums of 2020 By Paste … The way they put everything together is outstanding. Shredding guitar lines, catchy base riffs, beautiful piano parts and pulsing drum beats make this band the best in the world right now. "Pressure" and "Misery Business" shook the punk rock world for me. Badly. They sound perfect together.I couldn't agree more. Just great, great music, Holy jesus. The best rock songs of the decade come in many forms. Go back and listen to their first two albums and tell me they are not at least top 10. Those tracks are full of the essence of rock n' roll and will be remembered as the best of this decade. Seether’s 2007 album ​"Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces" was, as its title suggests, about surviving hard times. When you think about it do they sound anything like Korn or Limp Bizkit? Sure they can play but what do they bring to the table other than cliches and predictable power chords. Nickelback 7th. This will be the new genre and new hit band to rock the new decade and millennium to come! " A band that sounds like Chris Cornell fronting RATM, of course. The best Indie and underground rock of 2000-2009. Songs for the deaf is one of the best albums ever. Their raving, riotous songs are anthems that are unmatched in fury by any band I've ever listened to. Our Rock band in school won 4 four consecutive wins by just singing Paramore songs. His lyrics often have such a thorough meaning metaphorically and literally. Breaking Benjamin not only produces an AMAZING sound from their music, but they also have meanings that can touch a multitude of people.